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IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement)

IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) is a reciprocal agreement, meaning that an IFTA license issued by the jurisdiction where the motor carrier is based, is valid in all the other IFTA member jurisdictions to make it easier for Interstate carriers and truck owners to report and pay taxes on the motor fuels they use.   IFTA taxes are required to be reported quarterly, penalties will be applied if you file late.  For each calendar year, your home base state will issue an IFTA license and a set to two IFTA decals per qualified vehicle.  Copies of the original IFTA License must be maintained in each vehicle.  IFTA decals expire on December 31 of every year, carrier should order their new IFTA decal in advance in order to avoid any delays or penalties. 

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January - March _______

April - June _______

July - September _______

October - December _______

Tax Return Reporting Quarterly...

April 30

July 31

October 31

January 31

Due Dates...

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